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What if Glee Characters were analyzed like pro wrestlers....

In Wrestling, there are a lot of terms that describe how a wrestler is being treated by the company that employs them. This includes:

- buried/bury: when a wrestler's ability and skill has completely lost its legitimacy in an attempt by the company to decrease popularity
- push: when a wrestler is being portrayed as being skilled and they are being portrayed more and more to increase their popularity and legitimacy as a wrestler
- depushed: when a wrestler's abilities and screen time is shown as being limited, on the way to being buried
- Main Event: A wrestler who is one of the leading wrestlers in the company
- Mid-Card: A wrestler who is in development but it is still not one of the headlining wrestlers
- Low Card: A wrestler who is still establishing their abilities and normally their appeal is limited in the company
- Jobber: A wrestler who consistently loses matches to elevate the popularity of other wrestlers
- Face: Good guy
- Heel: Bad Guy
- Tweener: in between face and heel, a face who does heelish things and vice versa

So when I was thinking about how Glee is nearing the end of its third season, and some of the characters would be graduating, I thought it would be good to combine two things I love, professional wrestling and Glee. So I will describe how the characters in Glee have progressed since the beginning of Season 1 to before the return from the Season 3 break.

- Will Schuester: Started as: Face Main Event Star
- Now: Buried Face Mid-Card Star
Will started out as a man looking for a purpose while feeling caged. Will may have been neutered by his former wife, but at least he had adult friends and a life outside of Glee Club. He was mostly the moral figure of the Glee Club in Season 1 and seen as being mostly competent at his job. However, at this point his only friends are the Glee Club students and his ability as a teacher and independent person has constantly been depushed to the point that his ability is laughable. He constantly says the wrong thing to the wrong person and even manages to offend the love of his life without even trying. Heck, even his fiance, who was laughed at in Season 1 for having mental problems, is shown as being more competent then him. He's on the mid-card because his storylines are not nearly as prominent as they were in season 1 and at this point he's incompetent.

- Coach Sue Sylvester: Started as: Heel Main Event Star
- Now: Tweener Main Event Jobber
Without a doubt, Sue was the main villain at the start of Season 1. She was main-eventing because she was pretty much the only one presenting a certain amount of conflict for the Glee Club on a consistent basis. With the reveal of her older sister, Jean, having down syndrome, she was portrayed as being a bit more likeable and possibly making a face turn. However, the show required her to be heelish because, once again, conflict, and because her character is pretty much built around being a heel. Instead, she became a tweener, which allowed her to retain a certain amount of likability while still keeping the usual mean aspects of her character. With the death of Jean, she may have returned to her full heel ways, but Season 3 she was still portrayed as being sympathetic while keeping her edge. Her prominence has been reduced since Season 1 because honestly, the writers can't figure out what to do with her. So they gave her a baby. Now she really just exists to elevate the Glee Club.

- Counselor Emma Pillsbury: Started as: Face Main Event Star
- Now: Face Main Event Star
Wow, what development Emma has gotten. Since she started on the show, she was the neurotic love interest of Will who was in denial of her problems. Since then, she faced her fears, went for counseling, and ended up becoming one of the most likeable, rational and relateable characters on the show. She forced Will to make-up his mind about her and take a stand for what seems to be the first time in his life. Emma is a huge asset to the show and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us.

- Finn Hudson: Started As: Face Main Event Star
- Now: Depushed Face Main Event Star
Finn's abilities and character haven't really changed much since Season 1. In fact, his ability to lead the Glee Club and the Football Team has been seriously called into question many times, to the point that he couldn't even get a Football scholarship for university. However, he is still a respected main character and now even Will, his teacher, looks up to him, so his character hasn't really changed much since season 1. He's on the Main Event because his storylines are prominent in the show.

- Rachel Berry: Started as: Face Main Event Star
- Now: Face Main Event Star
You could pretty much copy and paste what happened to Finn for Rachel. She hasn't reached the levels of fail that Finn has, but her actual acceptance of Finn's proposal has degraded her thinking ability, but not to the point that her rationality or abilities have been buried or depushed. She's still on the Main Event because her storylines are prominent on the show and her abilities have never been called into question or been portrayed as being incompetent.

- Quinn Fabray: Started: Heel Main Event Star
- Now: Buried Face Mid-Carder
Quinn isn't a low card star, but let's face it, at the beginning, she was Main Eventing Glee and her skills were never questioned. She was also considered to be a heel. She managed to make it through a tough prgenancy, which was never acknowledged in Season 2 in any significant way and made a face turn. However, in Season 3, she went insane due to baby, which is probably just as bad as Natalya's current farting gimmick in the WWE, barely had a song and her hard work of getting into a good school with a full scholarship has been completely ignored. She started as a heel and managed to successfully turn face. This is the problem of the midcard. You can be an amazing wrestler, or in this case, amazing character with amazing character growth since season 1, but if the company doesn't recognize it, you'll still be stuck on the Mid-Card. Natalya might be one of the best wrestlers in the world, but she has the worst gimmick in the WWE. The same goes for Quinn. Poor Quinn.

Quinn is a Mid-Carder because her storylines haven't been prominent since season 1 and her abilities are rarely portrayed, half the time she's barely sentient. However, she is one of the few characters who has made successful face and heel turns, giving her character a lot more potential development, however most of this development wasn't taken advantage of.

- Kurt Hummel: When He Started: Pushed Face Mid-Card
- Now: Pushed Face Main Event Star
When Kurt started, there was no doubt he would be a main eventer on Glee. He definitely had skill, his storyline had a decent amount of prominence, and because he was an LGBT character you knew he would be going somewhere. In the beginning his storylines weren't very prominent but were still very powerful, but in season 2 he got a major push. He had some of the most heart-breaking storylines and his love story in season 2, as well as the development of his abilities, contributed to him becoming a main event star. He always took the high road when it came to bullying. His judgement regarding bisexuality and his sympathy to Quinn's issues were questionable, but even the best facecan make mistakes

- Mercedes Jones: When She Started: Face Mid-Card
- Now: Pushed Face Mid-Card
Mercedes has the misfortune of having amazing talent, but never really having a compelling storyline. She was often the moral guardian for the characters, but never really had a chance to show her emotional depth. She was always a side character, even though she did have an episode or two to show her character. That is why she is still relegated to the Mid-Card

- Tina Cohen-Chang: When She Started: Face Mid-Card
- Now: Depushed Face Mid-Card, danger of being low-card
Tina in season 1 got some songs, some character development, and was shown as being a somewhat important character. Since then, she really didn't get a storyline until mid-Season 3 and has really just existed as being a moral guardian. She hasn't really had an opportunity to show any sort of emotional depth or character. The company hasn't given much resources into helping her develop her in-club skills or mic ability. She does have another season to shine, so hopefully this time next year she will be getting closer to the main event.

- Artie: When He Started: Mid-Card
- Now: Low-Card
Artie was in a similar situation to Tina in the beginning of season 1. In Season 2 he got a big push as Brittany's girlfriend and had some.... interesting storylines. However, since getting dumped he never really made a come-back and was recently seen dumping Becky in favour of the time-travelling love-child of Brittany and Santana (according to fanfiction). He barely gets a chance to sing or show any aspect of his character. As such, he is in the low card.

- Santana Lopez: When She Started: Low-Card
- Now: Pushed Mid-Card and sometimes Main Eventer
In Season 1, Santana was pretty much Quinn's sidekick and person who threw out vicious, vicious words randomly. However, after the fanbase became obsessed with a throw-away line (“Sex isn't dating, yeah if it were, Santana and I would be dating”), it was eventually revealed in Season 2 that she was actually in love with Brittany. This storyline actually did consume a significant portion of Season 2. As well, her musical abilities have grown with leaps and bounds, showing that she has what it takes to be a main eventer. For a lot of Season 3 her development was done by herself, which may have upset fans of Brittana (because they wanted Santana's and Brittany's development to happen as a couple) but it ended up showing Santana's strength as a character. The fans were behind her and made her a star. While her storylines aren't given the same significance as Kurt, she is still an important part of the plot and plays a key role in Glee. As such, she is a pushed mid-carder and sometimes Main Eventer.

- Brittany Pierce: When She Started: Low-Card
- Now: Pushed Mid-Card Jobber
Pretty much the same story as Santana. She got her first big push as Artie's boyfriend and causing tension for Santana, but her storyline with Santana really made her shine in Season 2. Since then, she hasn't gotten as much development as Santana. Her skill has gone up significantly, but she doesn't have the same abilities (or her abilities aren't pushed or developed as much) as Santana. She mainly exists to elevate Santana at this point. In the first half of Season 3 she wasn't seen on screen with Santana as much. In the second half of season 3 she has been seen more with Santana but hasn't really gotten any particular independent storylines. She mainly serves to help legitimize Santana as a character. As such, she is a pushed main-event jobber.

- Noah “Puck” Puckerman: When He Started: Heel Mid-Carder
- Now: Tweener Mid-Carder
Puck has pretty much been consistent since Glee started. He never had any particularly prominent storylines but he was an important supporting member of the Glee Club. He was originally mostly a heel but he has started to make face-turns while working with Artie, becoming more sympathetic to the Glee Club, and previously helping Quinn. He hasn't really had a storyline since then.

- Mike Chang: When He Started: Face Low-Card Jobber
- Now: Face Mid-Card
It's pretty hard to get lower then Mike Chang, unless you were Matt Rutherford, who got put on a bus in the beginning of Season 2. He didn't really have lines, he was an amazing dancer but he couldn't sing. However, he got a decent storyline in Season 2 by dating Tina, unfortunately his status as a low-card kept Tina to the Mid-Card while elevating himself to the Mid-Card. They never really had any storylines of substance until season 3, mainly because they were the only normal, sensible, smart kids in the whole damn school. Mike's storyline was a sensible story that worked really well and was really good. I hope to see more of this from them for the rest of the season, as Mike is graduating at the end of the season.

- Becky Jackson: When She Started: Face Low-Card Jobber
- Now: Tweener Mid-Card
Now, we all probably thought Becky would be a one-off character that would be forgotten. However, I am continually impressed with Becky's development. She hasn't really had any storylines, per say, but she is an amazing side-kick for Sue and her ability to show heelish and face tendencies has my admiration and respect. Becky is a really well-fleshed out mid-carder and I think she could have the potential to be on the main event at some point. I can only hope for great things from her for the rest of the season.

Now if you made it to the end of this list, I'm impressed. I could have done some more, but I decided to end it before it got far too long. I didn't include a few characters because they were mainly introduced past season 2. I was debating whether to include Lauren Zizzles, but she was only relevant in season 2, which is too bad because I really liked her character. She was a good match for Puck, but I guess that ship has sailed for now.

Review: Zigeunerweisen or What the Heck is this Garbage
Well, its time to try my hands at a film review.

Zigeunerweisen is a 1980 Japanese art film by director Seijun Suzuki. He had previously worked on Yakuzua (gangster) before getting fired and blacklisted from his film studio, Nikkatsu, in 1968 for making films that "makes no money or sense" (Tokyo Drifter Interview, Criteron Collection). So this was his big come-back.

Oh boy, what a movie it is. Let me try to distill whatever sort of plot this movie has.

This film starts at the country-side in 1920's Japan, where a man, Nakasago, is accused of murdering a fisherman's wife. He is a wanderer and dresses in traditional Japanese clothing. It looks like he's going to be lynched by the mob before his friend, Aochi, who is a teacher at a military academy and dresses in Western clothes, tells them to leave him alone because Nakasago is a military academy teacher too. Also, we randomly see the woman's body producing a super-imposed crab that walks away from her. For some reason Aochi's excuse works and they head off to get food, and meet a geisha, Koine, who has just lost her brother after he committed suicide. Apparently his blood did not drain properly and his bones were pink, which beings Nakasago's fascination with bones, which for some reason the film only mentions a few times, but always in the most creepy and disgusting way imaginable.

So a few years later the plot picks up again. Nakasago has married a woman named Sono, who looks almost exactly like Koine (fun fact: they were played by the same actress). He lives in a traditional Japanese house. Aochi comes to visit one day and discovers Nakasago has left to go wandering around again. Sono eventually seduces Aochi (apparently, its never explicitly shown or talked about but we can safely assume this happens). Nakasago comes back and Sono becomes pregnant and gives birth while Nakasago is away again. She names her daughter after Aochi's family name.

Aochi's wife, Shuko, has a sister in the hospital. One day Aochi goes to visit the sister and she tells him that Shuko has been cheating on him with Nagasako and then, FOR SOME REASON, imagines her licking Nagasako's FRICKING EYE.

Alright, so eventually Sono and Nagasako die of the Spanish Flu and Koine, who has been travelling with Nagasako, comes to be the daughter's wet nurse. Koine starts coming by asking Aochi to return Nagasako's belongings, which he didn't seem to remember having but discovers he has. One day Koine comes by asking for Nagasako's Zigeunerweisen record, which he doesn't remember having, but Shuko produces it, pretty much proving that she cheated on him with Nagasako. So Aochi goes back to Koine's house to return it and asks her why she knows about all that stuff being missing. She reveals the daughter has been talking about these things in her sleep and thinks she is communicating with her deceased father.

The movie randomly ends as we discover that all along Aochi may have been crazy and been imagining things all along.


Okay, so this movie runs at 2 hours and 30 minutes, which is really long. Nikkatsu's movies were generally capped at an hour and a half so this was a huge deviation for the director. This movie moves VERY slowly, taking its time to enjoy the scenery and the mundane aspects of the lives of the characters... in a very boring way. It examines some of the aspects of this period, which has been romanticized in Japanese history and I think the director tries to say that this is wrong and this period was actually very creepy and disgusting because people were cheating with each other's wives and sometimes those wives liked to lick each other's eye balls and also creepily eat rotten fruit. Also apparently there was some conflict between modern and feudal Japan but I didn't see any of this and the film never mentioned it or tried to point it out in any way so I assume this is bullshit that other film reviewers are trying to pull in order to justify their love of a stupid film.

This film did have some comic relief in the form of a traveling group of entertainers who were all blind and sang very dirty and hilarious songs. There's pretty much no point to them except for being hilarious and interesting, in contrast to everyone else in the film. Unfortunately they die half way through so the film gets even worse.

Now the reason I had to watch this movie was because it was being shown in my Japanese Intellectual History class. Honestly this movie doesn't really make any sort of clear or unclear commentary on the time period so I don't see why it applied to the class. Both Nagasako and Aochi's positions as teachers were informed positions as they were never actually shown teaching or doing anything remotely teacher or intellectual like. They were too busy boning each other's wives and being insane, I guess.

We also had to read a paper on this movie that made the movie sound far more interesting and deep then the movie actually was. Now, I like boring movies, because while they tend to move slowly they also tend to have a point and do show some sort of struggle, like in . However, the director really didn't care about developing a plot or even a point to this movie. The whole point of the movie was to make it difficult for you to ascertain what was going on because everyone was supposed to be crazy, but that point isn't made till the very end of the movie when it is implied, yes just implied, that Aochi is crazy. Until that point Aochi was painted as the only sane man in this picture and Nagasako was supposed to be the insane, dirty, and bone-obsessed man. Everyone else was different shades of creepy or weird but Aochi was the normal one. Then suddenly at the end he's insane?

The film was based on Hyakken Uchida's novel, Disk of Sarasate, which I did not read. The film was also named after the exquiste piece Zigeunerweisen (1878) by Sarasate. The song was based on the music of the Roma (aka gypsie) people and honestly, I have no idea what this song means to the movie. Maybe they're trying to say that Nagasako was a wanderer? I dunno, the song is barely discussed in the movie.

So, to conclude, this film is really bad. My professor tried to argue that the film didn't have a plot because the filmmaker was trying to be revolutionary and make a film that was based on philosophical meaning. Well, the director proved it couldn't be done, at least the way he was doing it because this film was boring, whatever semblance of a plot that existed was stupid and nonsensical, the points the film was trying to make were not made very well or at all and it honestly just looked like the director was trying to say "LOOK AT MY SUPERIOR INTELLECT! IF YOU DON'T LIKE THIS MOVIE YOU ARE STOOPID". Like a lot of art film directors, he tried to impose something on the audience, but his something didn't make sense or was even interesting or thought-provoking.

Now I have watched some other bad art films and I might try to review them too, but first I need to get some good ones in.

Till next time!

Glee Round-up
Hi People!
Well, its been a while. So let's do a Glee Round-up as the season is about to go into the home-stretch soon. Unfortuately my memory is a little rusty so I am relying on recaps and I might forget things.

The Good:
Brittana finally had their moment on the Valentine's Day episode. It was very awesome. It was also awesome to see another Christian character making the rational and correct decision to accept same-sex love as being equal to opposite-sex love.
Emma has had so much amazing growth these past few years. To finally see her hardwork vindicated by getting tenure (does that actually exist in high school), to be shown as the smartest and most sane teacher at the school, was awesome and I was very happy.
I also loved Becky, I think she is a great representation for people with learning disabilities. Now let me explain this. While she isn't the nicest character, she is true to herself, she's tough, she stands up for herself and is incredibly loyal to someone who cares for her in a sincere way. I will tell you that parents of people with learning disabilities are always worried about authority figures taking advantage of their children, but Sue gave Becky a chance and she has shone brightly since then. She also displays the difficulties of living with learning disabilities, such as finding friends and romance.
Quinn. She has barely had any screen time but she made a miraculous recovery from insane person to Ivy League bound woman. I'm very proud of her development and she deserves a good storyline.

The Bad/Ugly:
Will. Just Will. His character has inexplicably gone backwards since season 1. In that season he had adult friends, now he has to rely on teenagers to be his friends to propose to his girlfriend and be his best man. He has disintegrated into being a useless teacher.
This whole Finn-Rachel marriage thing. They are both farrr too young to get married. Rachel is supposed to be the smart one but she can't get it through her head that this is a horrible decision.
Regionals barely had any attention. Now I realize the attempted suicide thing was a big deal, but come on, its Regionals. There should be more attention to it and more build-up to it.
The suicide angle. Now before you go insane please read. There was virtually no build-up to it. It just came completely out of nowhere. I guess they were trying to shock the fanbase but I think that deserved more build-up. As well, the only person who reached out to Karofsky was Kurt. Why?! Santana was his beard and friend for a while. Also, why was Kurt so insympathetic to Quinn's stance? Yes, I understand she was being a little harsh but she has gone through quite a lot in three years too and I think Kurt should have cut her a bit of slack. Going from pregnant (which involved being abandoned by her parents and being kicked out of her house, and then her parents got a divorce afterward!) to childless to her problems being ignored by everyone then descending into insanity before pulling herself back up and getting back on track takes a strong person. I'm not saying that Karofsky isn't strong, I'm just saying that Kurt completely disregardig Quinn's experiences just to make a point shows how the male characters will always get prominence over the female characters in this show.

The Future?
I seriously hope Quinn survives. I hope that wedding is called off. I hope Tina, Quinn, Brittana and heck even Artie (as long as he is not mysogynistic anymore) get some more screen-time.

Well, that's all I can think of for now, if you can think of anything feel free to post, as long as you keep things tastefull. I'll try to do the same :)


On Owen Hart and Alundra Blazye/Madusa

I know its been a while.

So anyway, today I was thinking about old stuff no one cares about. First off, I started thinking about Owen Hart and more specifically, people talking about his legacy. A lot of people are upset that Hart's wife, Martha, refuses to allow the WWE to make a dvd collection about Owen Hart. Now, I understand that a lot of people want to see his classic matches, but at the same time, let's remember why Owen Hart was in the wrestling business. He originally was not planning to become a wrestler. He wanted to be a teacher. He entered the business to help out his family during the Stampede Wrestling days. He later went on to the WWF and decided to wrestle and save money so that he could retire and spend more time with his family. By all accounts, Owen was a very honourable man. He saved all the money he could on the road, he was professional, very nice and of course, an excellent wrestler. But people like us seem consumed by his legacy as a wrestler. Obviously, Martha Hart does not want this to be her late husband's legacy.

After she settled with the WWF, she took a lot of the money she had gotten to set up the Owen Hart Foundation, which does a lot of charitable work with education and low-income families. Makes a lot of sense considering Owen Hart's original desire to become a teacher. Let's also remember that a lot of the Harts sided with the WWF because they wanted to protect their jobs. Is this the kind of legacy Martha Hart wants for Owen? I don't think so. She wants him to be remembered as being a kind, generous man. And I understand that. She lost her husband to a business neither of them really wanted to be a part of.

Some people are saying that Martha will have to pass away before any sort of dvd set is released about Owen, as his children will probably grant those rights. Is that really the case? Those children lost their father and a good chunk of their family, due to the squabbling, to the wrestling business. They don't owe us anything. We insisted on gaudy storylines during the Attitude Era. Owen Hart wanted to avoid being involved in those, so he went back to his Blue Blazer gimmick. And the rest is history. I would love a dvd set of Owen Hart, sure. But I have a feeling that his legacy as an upstanding individual is more important then some dvds.

RIP Owen Hart

Okay, so I was also thinking about another old thing. Alundra Blayze/Madusa. Mainly because she has been suggesting a match for her WWF Women's Title against Beth Phoenix, sort of a passing the torch kind of deal.

Madusa has a lot of heat for dumping that title in the garbage on WCW Nitro way back when. But honestly, I understand why she did it. She had just been let go from the WWF. In fact, the entire women's roster had been let go and the division shut down so the WWF could save money. And the WWF let Madusa leave with that title. Why wouldn't they want to keep it as a momento? A lasting memory and artifact of their company? Obviously the WWF didn't think highly of their division, or of their title belt. At that point, the title might as well had been some gaudy leather with some metal on it. It was worthless, garbage. That's probably what Madusa thought the WWF felt about her career, the division and that belt. So for everyone criticizing her for doing it, yeah, probably not the classiest thing ever. But she was sending a message that the WWF did not support women's wrestling. And since the original closing of the division, the WWF has not treated women with the right amount of respect, in my opinion. Nothing has changed since those days. And it's a shame.

And Madusa doesn't need this match. She isn't being opportunistic when she was asking for it. She left wrestling in 2001 because she realized that women's wrestling was being reduced to nothing more then bra and panties matches. She went on to become very successful in monster truck racing, of all things. She is still in shape and has done very well for herself. I think she is honest about wanting to pass the torch to Beth Phoenix. Phoenix represents a lot of the hope people like myself have in the future of women's wrestling. People like her, Natalya, Kharma represent some of the best women's wrestling has to offer. And the WWE now has a lot of up and coming women's wrestlers in their main roster and in FCW. So the future can be bright. People like Madusa see a good future.

Till next time!

My Take on the State of the Diva's Division
Note: This was originally a comment I posted on an article at Bleacher Report, which you should read ( Yes, it was this long. But I wanted to also add that I think its weird how Tamina just kind of disappeared after her major push before Elimination Chamber.

It's just sad how the WWE is treating women in their division these days. I thought that with Triple HHH and Stephanie McMahon having more power in the company, that things would change. But obviously that isn't the case.

In the past year, I thought things might change with the Diva's of Doom angle. But it quickly disintegrated and lost its point when Beth Phoenix constantly lost to K2's rollups, and Natalya went on a month's long singles losing streak.

Nowadays, its just sad. Eve has a great angle and push now, but let's think about why it came about. It happened because Eve started dating Ryder kayfabe and he got a huge push, so she got one by default. Then she got slut-shamed by Cena (who lets not forget, kissed Eve right back when she made-out with him!), disintegrated into tears for five minutes and had to get helped out of the ring by multiple refs. Why couldn't she have stood up for herself against Cena like a real heel would have, and walked out with some dignity? Sure, she has great heat now and is getting good tv time, but at what cost? No man would have ever gotten a similar storyline, I'm sure.

And then there's Natalya. She is one of the best wrestlers in wrestling today, period. And creative couldn't have come up with a better way to turn her then by giving her a farting gimmick? It's just disgraceful. I'm big enough to admit that I have the sense of humor of a five year old and I find it kind of funny, but once again, no man would ever get a similar storyline. This is what makes both Eve's and Natalya's storylines infuriating.

If you compare the way women are treated storyline wise and tv time wise, there is no comparison at all. Women always get the shaft, they always get the lamest storylines, the weakest pushes and the least amount of respect in the WWE these days. How do I conclude this? Recently there has been a rumor going around that the WWE is considering putting the Diva's match at Wrestlemania as the dark match. While I'm pretty sure this isn't true, the fact that so many people think this could be true is startling! It is entirely believable that a possible Diva's Title Match (for the Diva's Championship of the World!) could be the dark match of Wrestlemania! It is the top (and only) prize of the Diva's division. It's comparable to putting the WWE Championship match as the dark match, if you consider my previous sentence.

It's disgraceful. I don't know how much the women in the Diva's division can actually do about this without losing their jobs or getting more heat and getting even more humiliating storylines or getting written off tv entirely. So for that reason, I put the blame on WWE Creative, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Sure, you could make the argument that the WWE Universe doesn't care about the Diva's, but whose fault is that? If the WWE wants people to care about something, they do everything in their power to make people care about it. Look how much Cena vs The Rock is being hyped. If the WWE took one tenth of tv time, promo time, and respect that they put into the Cena/Rock feud and gave it to the Diva's division, we wouldn't have this problem today. It would be a thriving division that got the attention and respect it deserved.

That's my two cents. Sorry for the rant. Tl;DR Diva's deserve more attention and respect from the WWE, because their current amounts of respect suck.

ps: I am personally hoping for Beth Phoenix vs Natalya for the Diva's Title, in a ladder match (Come on there is going to be no MITB match, might as well spice it up) at Wrestlemania. Make a good, long match. It would be a match where neither competitor would have to carry the other (unlike most matches, like Beth carrying Alicia or Natalya carrying Eve). This is a dream match of most people who follow the Diva's division. They have never had a match against each other (in singles) before. I have no doubt this would be an awesome match, and a major highlight of Wrestlemania.

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